Why Wax your Legs Instead of Shave Them?

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Shaving is not an efficient method to remove unwanted hair from the skin. Depending upon how fast the hair grows, one could end up shaving every day in order to keep up with the growth. Luckily, there is an efficient alternative to this method. A lot of people prefer to wax their unwanted hair for many reasons.

Waxing Won’t Have you Cutting Yourself

With shaving, you will have to work with sharp razor blades and it is common to have cuts. You will never want to cut yourself especially in areas like the neck, the groin area and under the arms. You will be at risk of infection when you cut yourself as you shave the hair. But you can forget about cuts if you prefer waxing. Although the procedure can result in redness and irritation, they will be gone the next day and you will have flawless, smooth and great legs for more than three weeks.

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Waxing Lasts Longer

As waxing is about pulling the hair out by the root, the hair won’t be growing back fast. Even if you need to shave on a daily basis to keep hair growth down, you can expect waxing to provide you up to a couple of weeks of bare skin. Your skin can benefit from this as it can become irritated if you shave every day.

Hair Will Grow Back Thinner

Compared with shaving, waxing allows the hair to go back thinner and lighter. Removing hair continuously with waxing will have the hair barely noticeable. This is because constant waxing will make the hair follicles less viable and weaker. The drawback with waxing is that you need to wait until your hair long enough so you can wax it.

The Pain Reduces as You Wax More Frequently

Waxing involves placing hot wax on the part of the body to be waxed and ripping it off by as the hair is being yanked out by the roots. Although this sounds painful, keeping it up will gradually result in losing the pain response.

It Leaves the Skin Smooth

Today, a lot of waxes are available with moisturizers in them. These are helpful in softening the skin before removing the hair. Aside from including moisturizing lotions, waxing may leave the area smooth as the entire hair is pulled out. You can expect no stubble following the removal.

It is Faster than Shaving

Shaving can take a while, especially if you struggle to remove the hair in an awkward location. Although any person can shave, you will be at risk of not being able to have a great angle.

It Helps in Draining Body Toxins

Using wax will eliminate hair from the legs and other parts of the body you wish to wax. The removal process involves opening a hole between lymph areas and the surface of the skin through hair follicle. It is likely for drainage to take place. There will be liquid pooling on your skin if this occurs. A damp cloth can be used to rinse away or wipe this. When the tissue closes the hole again, the drainage will then stop.