Why is online shopping the future of the retail industry?

online shipping

Women love shopping. Period. No theories or number crunches required for proving it. But going through a lot of hassles like traveling to the retail store, waiting for long hours at the cue outside waiting room seems really painful. Gen Y consumers are so tied up with their jobs that retail shopping seems like a luxury for them. With the advent of the Internet boom, online shopping started a new cult for shopaholics in 2000. In the following years, online shopping websites started mushrooming and even today, some new online shopping sites pops up on advertising links while surfing on the World Wide Web.

Online shopping sites are indeed a respite for the lazy shoppers who look out for excuses to avoid planning a shopping trip. And in case you’re an avid shopper, online shopping sites offer you a lot more variety and options from various websites to choose from as well as compare which seems remotely possible to do in retail shops, that too within a time crunch.

Most online shopping websites have an easy exchange and return policy, which even major retail shops fail to offer. So in case you change your mind after receiving the product, you can avail easy return and exchange by placing a return or exchange request on the same website. As easy as a pie!

online shipping

Major online shopping websites for women include not just apparels, but accessories, lingerie, footwear, jewelry, bags, etc as well so you don’t have to run from pillar to pillar to complete your shopping.  New and innovative ideas like style guide and fashion tips are extremely helpful for most women who want to look presentable and fashionable at all times. Some online shopping websites have dedicated categories for plus size women so that even they can get their daily dose of fashion. Size guides available on most shopping portals help you choose the right size.

Online shopping scores major brownie points for offering products at much cheaper prices in comparison to the store counterparts. This is because the overhead costs it saves on rental, staff, electricity, maintenance, etc. Also, the sale reduction period in stores does not last for more than 2 or 3 weeks. Online shopping sites retain the sale prices for a much longer time, till stocks last.

Indulging in online window-shopping is a lot better than doing the same in shopping malls. You not only save up on time and energy, but also end up finding better deals and better varieties, at the comforts of your home, or between that 30 minutes lunch break in the office. You don’t have to allot a special time slot for online shopping. Shop online whenever you want to, even if that means past midnight when you just remembered that your mom’s birthday is just round the corner and you haven’t shopped anything for her yet.

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