Why are synthetic extensions different to human hair extensions?

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 Synthetic and human hair extensions have both existed for quite a long time, and infact back in the day where powdered wigs were fashionable horsehair was actually used to make them. However, these days the two materials used for extensions are both very different and obviously one kind of extension towers above the other. However, the question on many peoples minds when they first look to purchase some extensions for themselves is why these two types of extension are considered to be so different?


It is obvious that a synthetic alternative is unlikely to outshine the real deal, but what is it that makes these extension types so different, and why many hair salons such as www.inanch.com will not sell or endorse synthetic extensions at all. Read on to find out why and how synthetic extensions are viewed as inferior to understand why you should always choose to go for the human hair option.

Firstly, the entire fact that human hair extensions are what you would call “the real deal” makes them far more valuable as an asset than a cheaper knock-off, and this can be said to be true with pretty much anything you can get out there. For instance, organ transplants require live organs of others that can function in the same way whereas artificial metal organs will simply fail and be rejected by the body within minutes or hours of their addition. Although these artificial organs may react and work in the exact same way they are at the end of the day not quite the real deal and will therefore not function correctly.

Another reason why synthetic extensions are massively inferior to regular extensions is because of the fact that they are not the same or even a similar material and therefore they may respond differently to different environments. For instance, things that you take for granted with real human hair such as straightening, washing, colouring and curling your hair are completely out of the question. This is because synthetic extensions are made from plant fibres, and these things are highly flammable as well as not being so good when responding to water or any other liquid that could colour your hair aswell. In other words, synthetic extensions are going to leave you with a dull, boring and matt head of “hair”, which doesn’t go well with somebody who is trying to implement extensions to reinvent their look. Essentially, they are just nowhere near as good.

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The other problem with synthetic extensions is that because of these drawbacks in terms of styling and washing you generally won’t see anything besides clip-on extensions. This is not to say clip-on extensions aren’t viable, as they suit a lot of people very well in terms of what they do. However, this does not altar the fact that having the choice and maybe enjoying attached extensions more will always be a drawback for you, and so in order to get the proper extensions that you deserve and to avoid any tomfoolery with poor quality extensions you should stick to human hair as your only option rather than just a first choice.