Which are the top 10 best selling jeans brand in the world.


Jeans forms an essential apparel for most individuals, whether old or young. It is a comfortable piece of clothing, everyone can consider in their priority list. Here are given information about top 10 best selling jeans brands in the world.

  • Only Jeans

The brand belongs to a best seller fashion group and they have performed well since 1975. They added a style factor to the conventional looking jeans.2

  • Diesel

They are a popular brand all over the world. The brand has never compromised with quality. They are known for their flawless color combination.

  • Tommy Bahama

They have jeans which look casual as well as trendy. The brand is popular among a mature group of people.

  • Edwin

It is a Japanese brand popular among jeans loving people. The company believes in creativity and they have the perfect representation in it. They are one of the top 10 best selling jeans brand in the world.

  • 5th Street jeans

They are most antique jeans brands popular all over the world. They were first to introduce a creative fashion option to the world.

  • Killer jeans

Their products are made of best quality material and offer finest comfort and style for the user. They make sportive products.

  • Energie jeans

The jeans brand is quite popular and favourite among youth in Italy. They are one of the best designers who have introduced cut pattern in the world.

  • Wrangler

Wrangler is a well known American fashion brand and they have specialty producing comfortable jeans.

  • Spykar

Spykar is a brand made for youngsters and their products has multi-pocket. Their jeans are attitude provoking and some of their collection has a different style.

  • Lee jeans

They are one of the biggest jeans, brand across the globe who have introduced the unique positioning of jeans pocket.