What your shoes say about you


The shoes that you wear can say a lot about you. They show how you feel daily and being a personal item everyone has different thoughts about what shoes is best for them. This can range from their comfort to appearance and the design. However, everyone wears shoes but what does your favourite pair say about you?


This kind of shoe shows that you are easy going and whatever life throws at you, you take in your stride. You are open to new ideas and adventures so whether that is a new holiday destination or even a new music festival, your shoes show that you are ready to explore whatever turns up next.


Flat Sandal

This shoe indicates that you like to be on your feet and moving around even if your job keeps you behind a desk every day. Although when you are in the office you prefer to deal with people in person as opposed to using the phone or email. You love being around others and friends see you as the one to go to when they need advice and support.


You like to play around at times while also taking yourself serious when you need to. You take your work life seriously and act professionally but as soon as you put a pair of stilettos on you like to have fun. That balance between fun and serious keeps you focused.

Lace up flat

You take fashion trends seriously and this shoe shows exactly this. Creativity is your strong point and you like to think through the design process when it comes to the latest trends. You often add your own creative touch to things and this is why friends are also questioning where you purchased your clothes when in fact they are your own creations.

Thigh boots

This is a shoe that is often the choice of a number of celebrities. They are sexy and alluring and you love the idea of wearing them to work or even to the shops because they make you feel special.

Kitten Heel

You are not so young at heart and like the simple life. You would prefer to stay in and watch TV than go out with friends and when it comes to social media you like to keep your thoughts to yourself. Your style could be likened to that of the 40’s as polka dots and cats are your thing yet the kitten heel gives you a personality that allows you to tackle whatever the day throws at you.


You like to choose your outfit based around comfort even though you love to wear a pair of striking high heels. As good as these look you just cannot walk in them so you choose the flats instead. Flats show that you have a personality where you like to laugh, even if it is at yourself.  You are outgoing and always willing to do something different.

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