What Should Women Wear to the Gym?


A gym isn’t a party club or a fashion parade; thereby you must opt for comfortable and relaxed clothes so that you could focus more on your workout. There are so many designers in the market today who offers wide range of dresses for women. The range is not only comfortable and smart, but also feminine and fashionable. Let us now scroll down to find out as to what women should wear to the gym.

  1. Tops

Gone are the days, when over sized t shirts were carried off by women to gym. You could opt for tank tops and slim fitting clothes made from materials that will dry up your sweat faster to keep you cool. Tighter clothes also enable your instructor to know your posture while performing exercises. You will also get to see the flaws in your body, so that you workout even harder to achieve your fitness goals.Image result for What Should Women Wear to the Gym?

  1. Bottoms

Bottoms should be chosen based on the kind of exercise you’ll be doing. There is a lot of variety available when it comes to picking bottom wear for your gym. For instance, you could pick shorts, cropped leggings, stretch pants etc. You could purchase bottoms of few different styles, in order to find out which one suits you the best.

  1. Footwear

Choosing the right footwear is very essential and crucial. For instance, running shoes aren’t meant for aerobics, while cross trainers aren’t meant for running. So, select a proper pair of shoes based on the kind of activity you will be indulged in.

  1. Hairdo

Always pull off your hair from your face while exercising. Tie a ponytail so that all your hair is tied up properly. By doing so, you could focus better on your exercise.

  1. Makeup

Gym id definitely not a place to flaunt away your makeup skills, so choose light foundation that won’t clog your pores. For your eyes, use a water proof mascara to look polished even at the gym.

  1. Undergarments

You should opt for comfortable and supportive sports bra made of breathable material to keep you at ease. Athletic underwear comes in different style, and you could choose in between panties or boxer-brief style for utmost comfort while exercising.

  1. Socks

Opt for athletic socks that are made of light, synthetic material that wicks away sweat and won’t hurt your skin.

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