What Does A Singapore Fashion Designer Do?


A fashion designer is a person that loves to study trends in fashion, sketch fashion designs, choose materials and play a part in production aspects of various designs. A Singapore Fashion Designer contributes to creation of many pieces of clothing and accessories. A fashion designer does not specialize necessarily with women or men’s wear. In most cases, a fashion designer can create women, children or men’s clothes. On top of this, a fashion designer can create various cloth types, such as sportswear, outwear, eyewear, wedding attires and maternity wear.

It is possible, though, for you not to know what a fashion designer actually does. In basic terms, a Singapore fashion designer oversees the process of creating clothing pieces from the beginning to the end. This process may take days, weeks or even months. When you break this process down, you get different stages of production.


Research: the first step towards creation of a clothing piece is research. A fashion designer will always research to know about current fashion trends in the market. These fashion trends will guide him when creating clothes. Remember, fashion is about something trendy. A good fashion designer will ensure that his clothes are trendy. That’s why he will visit various textile manufacturing stores to know more about this. A fashion designer can also carry out his own research to determine the best design to go for. Finally, a fashion designer can think of an idea, conceptualize it and create a sketch for the same. Great fashion designers will incorporate their creativity with current trends to make unique and lovable apparel.

Sketch: after creating an idea in his mind, a Singapore Fashion Designer will now sketch it. Sketching of an idea is an important step of designing. This step creates a platform where a fashion designer can put his thoughts into paper. During designing, a fashion designer may use a storyboard or even a paper. The first sketch may not necessarily be perfect, but it will create a strong foundation towards a better design. If the designer is not satisfied with the sketch, he may modify it or create a totally different one. Remember, a designer cannot move to another step before getting satisfied that he has done a great job here.

CAD – Computer-aided design – this is a computerized way of viewing what a designer has already sketched. At this stage, a designer can take a hand-sketched design and put it in a computer. CAD will allow the designer to view the design in different shapes and colors. This will tell the designer whether his design will fit into different shapes and whether it will be compatible with many colors. As such, a designer will know adjustments that are required to make his sketch perfect before moving to the next step. In the end, CAD saves a fashion designer a lot of future adjustments.

Creating a Toile – after viewing the design on a computer, the next stage for a Singapore Fashion Designer is creation of a toile. This is creation of a rough model on how the final product will look like. To make the exercise a success, a fashion designer will use inexpensive fabric to create something more serious. The designer then will hang the product on a stand to know how the final product is likely to appear on a human body. If satisfied, the designer will move to the next stage.

Sewing of the cloth – the final stage of creating apparel is sewing the design. This is a stage where a Singapore Fashion Designer brings various fabrics together for sewing. The designer also puts the final touches on the final product. When everything is done, a designer will assess the garment to see whether it can be approved, modified or scrapped altogether. Remember that a fashion designer will not necessarily do everything. Yes he has a hand in each process of creation of apparel, but he doesn’t do everything. In some cases, a fashion designer has people working for him to aid production of various garments.

As you can see from the above, a fashion designer creates clothes from scratch. If you would like to have custom-made clothes for you, it is good to contact a good Singapore fashion designer to help you. Remember, it is absolutely important that you choose the very best in the industry.