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For most of us, Shopping is the greatest guilty pleasure and the biggest stress reliever in our lives. Most of us look forward to the end of the year just for those crazy discounts or unending shopping sprees; but to many, shopping is a dreadful experience, even worse than being left all alone on a deserted island.


Shopping may have a different effect on each of us but every shopaholic has experienced a nasty and utterly embarrassing situation one time or another, which makes them dread the experience the same way as all the shopping nay-sayers. Being a shopaholic myself, I’ve experienced almost all of the super awkward moments that make every shopper’s skin crawl.

  1. SHOPPING ALONE. Many people usually don’t mind shopping alone; In fact, many of us find solace in shopping alone as you can take your sweet time in picking out even the smallest of things. But for those of us who are very fickle minded, spending hours choosing between items without having a second opinion drives us to a state of utter helplessness and frustration. Not to mention the agitation on the face of the sales person when you take hours choosing between two menial head bands. Embarrassing? Very!
  2. Trying out EVERYTHING! Let’s face it, every woman has gone through this awkward situation in which they pick out a ton of clothes with the purest intention of buying at least one but literally none of the hundreds of items you’ve picked out looks good. The walk of shame that you do, after you leave them all behind makes you regret going out to shop entirely.
  3. MISTAKING A SHOPPER FOR A SALES PERSON. I’m not sure if this happens as commonly but yes the look that the innocent shopper gives you when you mistake them for a sales person makes you seriously doubt that you even have a brain in the first place.
  4. ASKING FOR A BIGGER SIZE. Okay, this isn’t embarrassing for the skinny women but yes for the women who are told that the dress is already the largest size that the store has, the day turns from a fairytale to a complete nightmare. The only thing left to do after that is shop for a tub of ice-cream.
  5. DISCOUNT SECTION PLEASE. When you enter into a store displaying a ‘Sale’ sign, expecting that everything would be on sale; you rummage through all the trendy clothes hoping to bag hefty discounts but they cost more than your months’ pay. Then awkwardly you ask the sales person where the discount section is exactly and they lead you to a small rack of the crappiest lot you’ve ever seen. You have no other option than to walk away and pretend this never happened.
  6. STUCK. The highly embarrassing moment when you get stuck into a dress that was clearly too small for you to begin with; but you still chose to ignore the sales persons suggestion to get a larger size. Moments like these are when you really regret going out shopping alone.
  7. TOO BROKE. Yes this really tops the list; this is when you take a good few hours finding the right dress and either you misread the price or you just foolishly forgot to read it entirely, and then as soon as the cashier tells you the price, the whole world comes to a standstill. After you’ve regained your consciousness, the only option you have left is to pretend that you forgot your wallet at home instead of admitting you’re too broke to get the transaction processed.

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