Tips for Active Mothers: How to Choose Best Maternity Pants and Skirts for Yoga

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Most women swear to themselves that when the pregnancy will “walk in” their lives they will keep in fit and will be active. But on the other hand most women breach these promises. This article is for those, who kept the promise or for those who still want to become active mothers. Anyway in the very beginning women get completely lost because they do not know how to choose the right clothes for activities while being pregnant. The most frequent mistakes they make is training in regular clothes. Unfortunately, experts report that such activities are only not very healthy but may even impose some risks.

Fortunately though, a lot of modern companies have realized that there is a huge market of women who are simply striving to buy special maternity yoga pants to keep fit during their pregnancy. Some maternity brands have their special active lines, some sportswear companies opened new lines specially for pregnant women. Anyway, there is a great variety of options today, but the question remains: how to choose the best maternity clothes for yoga and any sports activities? Here are some pieces of advice about this issue.


Tops are more flexible than bottoms. Though the upper part of your body changes the most your old non-maternity tops can perfectly work for you, at least in the first trimester period. Special athletic wear is still stretchy and supportive. But, according to the actual reports from yoga lovers, tops still need some changes when you are pregnant. First of all, they advise to purchase tops already with cups in order to get rid of a bra at least for the physical activities time and to make sure that the top covers the belly. Most women cannot perform the exercises right if their belly emerges from the top. This in fact is reason number one to choose special maternity clothes that will perfectly cover up the belly by giving it extra support. In case you like your old top but are ashamed of showing the belly a perfect option for you will be to buy a special maternity belly bend that is created to give support and cover the belly emerging from T-shirts and other tops.

Discover your waistband preferences. Waist is the most suffering part of a pregnant woman’s body so it definitely needs extra support. As said above you can always opt for belly bands of various types butif you do not waste your money twice it is highly advised to purchase special maternity pants or skirts with a full panel (this is a piece of fabric on top of the pants which pulls up over the belly) or you can check low-belly/under-belly panels that scoop underneath. Today there are even hybrid models. Look for options and make a choice that you feel most comfortable with.

If you are looking not only for training outfit, but also want to diversify your entire maternity wardrobe with comfortable and stylish items, you can check jeans, dresses and maternity skirts on sale online and buy everything you need from the comfort of your home.