The Vintage Dressing Styles


Sexy glamour doesn’t need someone’s approval, it just exudes out of your body in the way you carry yourself. Fashion, economically too, has completed a unique style graph which slopes upwards dramatically and falls downwards within a very short period of time too. This indicates an end of one fashion trend, but beginning of a newer one. I have even heard a very common saying that history repeats itself and I believe it is quite true for fashion too. It is quite evident from the present time that ‘70s have been back for a while now. Our mothers can relate them to the dressing styles, modern generation adheres to. Every designer is churning out all fringe, suede, and decades-old silhouettes and it is best for you to invest in the fashion’s groovy past & enjoy Online shopping for Women available online

Saying that fashion is cyclical can be exemplified from all maxi dresses to midi dresses, from blazers to buttoned tops, from leggings to trousers. All are under the same range, which has been used  by fashion designers, from our glorifying past to the present. When compared, you would find a twisted mix of style, color and combinations of past and present dresses and immensely striking similarities. Past has always shaped the future, and so is our yesteryear trend and vogue is coming back and making youth its target.

 Today’s women are fortunate enough that they have been facilitated with Online Shopping for women online which has given them access to buy any yesteryear designer dress with complete comparisons with past dresses along with its wearing style tricks and techniques. From famous celebrities to the common man, everyone is seen wearing and admiring these lovely outfits which have come back with a style twist today. Fashion shopping online has undoubtedly become the new norm  that allows the designers as well as the consumers to buy and sell to their heart’s content.

To adapt to the competitive new trends, smart retailers are drawing on classic retailing styles of the past and augmenting them for the now. Your wardrobe can  be considered to  be complete only if you have some of these vintage designs in it, not much, a few would enhance your dressing sense and style statement. You can give yourself a different look from your daily routine by browsing through some of the Fashion shopping online sites like Stalkbuylove for  these classic garments.

Achieve a classy celebrity look by A MIDI DRESS

To start off, let me begin with one of the famous styles like a classic midi dress that reminds us of Audrey Hepburn and her timeless styles. A midi dress is a mid-calf length dress which is quite popular amongst every generation woman. A closet remains incomplete without this outfit. Ever since it has made a come back into fashion, it has become pretty ubiquitous. Most marketers and fashion shopping online sites are offering these in their stock as they have got known to customer demands and preferences.

The shopaholics and self acclaimed fashion divas are accustomed to doing their own research to get the maximum value out of every penny they spend, but the newbie’s can browse a bit too for a midi dress online that accentuates their body shape to the fullest.


But wearing a midi dress has been a problem for many because of its length, but it has got a lot of Wow factor that will be revealed upon so that it is easily worn and loved by you.

  • Do not focus too much on its length, wear what suits your height.
  • Pair it up with a stiletto, and rock the show.
  • Flats are never preferred with a midi, “the higher the hem, the lower the heel”.
  • Avoid coats slightly shorter than the dress, wear full-length coats or coats till hip/ waist length to embrace its beauty.
  • Try avoiding loose midis, tailored shapes, and fitted waistlines are a good choice.
  • Fuss-free hair and makeup with a cut give you a perfect finish.
  • Save accessories with elegant midis, let it be subtle and sober.

So, try these beautiful tried and used tricks to make your dress look more elegant and in vogue. It can be used to attend any party, get togethers, and office wear or so on.

Keep it small, Keep it special with TUBE TOPS

The next classic style garment that simply refuses to go out of style is a tube top. Tube tops were basically worn as an informal summer garment or beachwear in the 1950s, but gained wide popularity in the 70s following the lead in the 1990s and 2000s. Tube tops in India are available in immense variety and styles online. These can be used to style in for a party, office day, a weekend, a beach picnic, a vacation, anything you say. It is not difficult to buy via online shopping portals like Stalkbuylove and interestingly not a difficult choice to wear too. To celebrate our love of fashion, dive into the world of style and find out how tube tops online India is re-shaping the Fashion online shopping industry.


Tube tops can be teamed up with various outfits to exhibit a perfect look for the day or an evening. Let us look at some styling tips for wearing a tube top :-

  • Wear a tube top underneath a shirt, jacket, coat to make it a formal attire and you are all set to go.
  • Team it up with skirts, trousers, jeans or shorts for your comfortable style for the day.
  • Be it a messy bun, pleated hair, loose curls or the ultimate straight all look great with a tube top.
  • It gives a great space for your accessories to flaunt. Style in with wide neck accessories to give it the last finish.
  • Wraps, scarves, and shawls can be used to feel more demure in tubes and even make it a stylish pattern.
  • A necklace that drapes well below the top gives a more flattering look.
  • More the skin exposed in a tube, more the jewelry and scarves to wear off.
  • Athletic shoes or sneakers should be avoided with tube tops.

Tubes have definitely made a huge impact in our fashion industry since their comeback. Every woman would try to wear it to solve her one or the other purpose. A working lady may try to have it for her office wear under a jacket, a teenager might use it on its own for a casual day, a homemaker may choose it to wear for her shopping at the mall or may be working in the kitchen. But whatever may be the reason it won’t be eliminated from her wardrobe for any reason.


Boost your style quotient by a SPAGHETTI  DRESS

Ever heard of Pasta associated with a dress, quite surprising no! Yes, BUT there has been something related to an Italian dish named as a Spaghetti Dress. It is a very thin shoulder strap used to support clothing. Basically, it was used for swimwears, camisoles, crop tops, cocktail  dresses and evening gowns. Spaghetti straps were believed to be only thin and toned arms friendly, but still they made a massive comeback. Today,  a lot of women are seen wearing these in markets, colleges, offices as they are comfortable and a trendy outfit. Once the hot season is in, so are thin fabrics, light colors, shorter hems, and thinner or probably no straps. Spaghetti dress has come a long way from dresses to tops with great styles and patterns and has entered every woman’s house through online shopping.

So why not to look out for great styling hacks for a spaghetti.

  • Spaghetti straps that loosely hang off toned skinny shoulders look amazing with office trousers, pencil skirts, or jeans.
  • For a rich casual look, look for a mini with spaghetti straps or a spaghetti top to be paired up with loosely fitted bottoms for a free day.
  • Skinny style, multiple strings attached at the back in floral prints is a great pattern to wear for hot seasons.
  • A hat and a light pair of earrings may fetch you more attention rather making it all bare.
  • Chose the color wisely when looking for a spaghetti top for a special occasion.
  • Quite similar to tube tops, it can also be worn under a shirt, jacket, cardigan or a shrug.

So that is all what I could suggest for the 70’s come back dresses. The style, grace, elegance and the vintage is back with a boom in the market which pulls you towards it. The online fashion world is providing designers with a fertile interface with global fashion advocates and have created a boom for the shoppers.  Fashion Online shopping has definitely made a remarkable impact on purchases as it was not available in the 70s. So what are you waiting for, grab a few pieces, style your way, look the best, feel confident and become the show stopper of the day!!