The Skirt’s Upward Journey


Have you been seeking skirts online? It’s time to take you on a delightfully upward journey (no, we’re not writing primarily for men). When it comes to choosing skirts online, we’ve chronicled the journey of this latently feminine garment over the ages and have no choice but to pick mini skirts as the definitive winners of this upward journey.

By upward, we mean how skirt lengths have steadily reduced, finally climaxing with mini skirts (there, we told you it was going to be naughty!). Take a break from that tantalizing thought and come back to the underlying history of the skirt (yes men, we mean you too). Skirts have always been one of those true blue fashion icons of femininity. Nothing defines femininity more than a skirt over the ages, something that has the unique essence of girl/woman exclusively written all over it. Yes, there was a time when men wore skirts too (no offence but we still think they’d look cute even today). Skirts can be naughty, playful, graceful, flirtatious, intriguing, beautiful, cute, charming and professional, depending on how they’re used (wow, talk of real and existing oxymorons).


European women wore nothing (sadly no) but skirts and dresses over two whole periods and the word skirt even became a colloquial slang for woman in the hallowed English language. It is believed that skirts took after the primitive loincloth made mostly of leaves wrapped around the waists of early humans (yes, they were organic back then). Till the 19th century, skirts remained long enough, enlarging the hip area and highlighting the waists of ladies. With the war came the need for shorter clothing for women and thus began this upward journey, one inch at a time.

Skirts steadily went up from the ankles to the calf and then the knees before the watershed moment arrived in the form of Mary Quant’s pioneering design of the 1960s where the hem was taken up even higher to create mini skirts, a trend that was here to stay for eternity. For every Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Madonna and Miley Cyrus who have patronized mini skirts, there’s a Goldie Hawn who wore them in her Laugh in series or a Josephine Barker who wore one made of bananas during a performance in Paris (Lady Gaga, this beats you hands down!). Even Julia Roberts wore mini skirts in Pretty Woman, still considered the elegant woman’s handbook and the popularity of these short skirts online went up a few notches with the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton sporting them at every available opportunity.

Choosing a mini skirt means zeroing in on the right length and you should definitely choose those at least 2-3 inches above your knees if you’re on the heavier side. If you’re on the shorter side, you should choose skirts that are four inches above the knees. When it comes to colors, grey, black and brown are formal or professional staples while black never goes out of fashion if you wear the mini skirt with knee length boots or even a pair of pumps. This will give you a slimming effect too! Darker skirts create an illusion of a narrower waist and hips while floral or swirling prints create a nice and breezy effect. You can also consider pleated skirts for a chic and classy look while out with your girlfriends at the mall or café.

Enough with the buying tips though; here are some tips that will help you on the road. If you’re wary of creating a look that is labeled inappropriate (moral policing, sadly), always look to tone down your overall outfit by wearing a girly tee with understated accessories and natural makeup. Don’t keep pulling at your skirt when you’re sitting. Let it free and this will be a testament to your own confidence. Keep your age in mind when selecting a mini skirt (and we mean this seriously!). If you’re not comfortable showing leg, stick to buying full length skirts online instead. If you’re working out, cycling or taking part in some activity, you can wear shorts underneath your skirt for preventing any possible peek-a-boo.

Here’s the deal: mini skirts can actually transform you into a modern day diva if you wear them with confidence and poise. Be comfortable with them riding up when you’re sitting down or the prolonged leg exposure.  Pair them with the right tees and accessories and forget all about the supposedly modest fashion police (we pity their existence). We hope this upward journey inspires you to take your own fashion trajectory sky high and of course, you’ll find all the enticing skirts you need at StalkBuyLove. This is your best repository for mini and fuller skirts in a variety of styles, designs and colors.

P.S. The above content is best recommended for adults (We know we’re funny: P)