The Latest 2016 UK Fashion Trends at Titine’s Wardrobe


If you want to look fashionable this season for your soirees, prom night, luncheons, spring garden parties, and other important engagements: Titine’s Wardrobe is the best online dress shop in the UK. The gorgeous looks on this season’s collection are elegant, classic, formal, and feminine all at the same time. Not only do the dresses look fabulous at parties, but some of the looks make for extraordinary and unique evening dresses. Here are a run down of the top picks from their collection.

Titine’s Wardrobe has wonderful fashion and they stock the latest trends for every woman and girl this season. The ‘Plunge Glitter Maxi’ dress, pictured above, is perfect for a little bit of sensual flirtation with a glass of champagne during the evening with your best girl friends or a special someone. It would also suit a dance or a ball. Especially if you were looking for a sleeker option for your prom night.

Some of our other favourite dresses from the collection which have a similar style, are the ‘Glitter Backless Long Sleeved Dress’ and ‘Pleated Oscar Dress’.  These picks are in our opinion are some of the most unique and versatile evening dresses.

 The ‘Asymmetric Textured Midi’ dress is absolutely perfect for a great evening affair bfashionut it also can double as a day event dress too.  The loose fit at the bottom means that it would not look out of place at a more casual party. Making it perfect if you are a wedding guest who is invited to the day ceremony too.

The ‘Jennifer Lawrence Peplum Strapless’ dress has all the Hollywood glamour you can possibly need. It is great for a command of style and elegance. We just love how this shows off the neckline and the back too. Whilst remaining completely classy. This is an elegant yet sensual dress that is full of flare. There are two colour choices available: a deep navy and a seductive black. Both have their own attractive qualities, depending on the look or event you are

Overall, for your perfect evening dress check out the Titine’s Wardrobe, website as there are many gorgeous choices to peruse in the site catalogue.