The Finest Cotton Socks – Made In France


The feeling of the finest cotton against your skin is an uplifting experience, allowing your senses to truly come alive.  The land of the Pharaohs’ has always been associated with amazing architecture, mysterious temptation, and a desire for opulence in design.  The Egyptians have always created a desire to tease the mind and body through color and fabric, the Pharaohs and their court always wearing bright and highly hand crafted garments.

At Bonne Faire we believe in seeking out the highest quality yarns when developing our range of premium socks, as well as using the latest technology to create the perfect fit for your foot.  Our latest range will certainly not disappoint you, with an exciting array of color and design to match the most discerning outfit.

The desire to use only the best cotton in the world is at the forefront of our designers’ minds, a combination of quality and durability of the fibers is of utmost consideration when we select the cotton used in our range of fine cotton socks.  Our search for only the highest quality took us to Egypt, where we recognize the efforts made to retain the best standards in production of cotton by the local farmers.

Many factors have to be considered, and one of them is the strength of the cotton fiber…this can be achieved through hand picking of cotton.  Many other countries have introduced machinery to cultivate their cotton fields, but in Egypt the process is strictly controlled to ensure only the highest quality cotton enters the market.

Only the best yarns are selected and used by Bonne Faire, once we have chosen a yarn, we then send it to our factory, where the final production of our made in France socks is undertaken.

So if you want to feel like a Pharaoh and experience the highest quality fine cotton socks, look no further than Bonne Faire.