The Best Way to Pick a Diamond


Whether you’re choosing a gift for someone, a gift for yourself, or an engagement ring, a diamond is a great choice. For a very long time, diamonds have been the centrepiece of many pieces of jewellery. They’re probably best known for engagement rings, but they’re also popular for earrings, necklaces, and other adornments. They are one of the hardest stones, one of the most precious, and also one of the most attractive. They’re rare enough to be incredibly desirable, but they’re not so rare that they are impossible to find. That is both an advantage and a disadvantage when you’re shopping for a diamond.

There are enough diamonds in the world that you can find one fairly easily, and a large variety of different styles exist. However, that also means that there are diamonds of many different qualities in the marketplace, and you have to determine which one is right for you. Diamonds are judged on several different factors, and which diamond you choose depends on how you prioritise those factors.

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The price is obviously an important determining factor for many people. You can read this review and reviews similar to it to see how diamonds are priced. The most informative reviews compare the diamond retailer in question to other commensurate diamond retailers. Comparing one ring to another is helpful if you’re focusing on cut or clarity, but if you’re focused on the price, you should look for a review that compares different companies. Once you’ve figured out how each company compares to the others, you can more easily focus on jewellers that are providing diamonds within your price range.

But why do certain diamonds cost more than others?

Cut of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond represents the shape that it is in. There are many simple cuts and, likewise, many complex cuts. Some companies even have specific cuts that are proprietary and are only used by their jewellers. The shape of the raw material used also determines the cut of a diamond. The raw diamond is cut down in a way that highlights its best features, and the size of the original raw material limits the scope of prospective cuts. Certain cuts cost more money because of their complexity as well as the kind of raw diamond that is required.

Diamond Clarity

The diamond clarity is, as the name suggests, a judgment of how clear a diamond might be. The cloudier a diamond is, the less money it is worth. That cloudiness can come from additional materials that are inside the diamond when it formed, but typically, they are from inclusions. Inclusions are cracks or impurities in the diamond itself.


The colour of a diamond is also important to determine its price. Diamonds are best known for their bright, crystal clear features, but they are also available in some other colours like red cherry, cognac, or even olive green. Depending on the specific colour, cut, and its rarity, diamonds feature a wide price range.

Reading reviews of diamonds is a great way to get a sense of which diamonds are going to be right for you.