Reasons why you are unable to use voucher code

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These days, online shoppers are exited for using voucher codes for making payments for their purchases, this is to avail discounts and win exciting cash back.  There are some coupon code websites like vouchercodesking that offer different types of coupons for different websites.

Some possible reasons for inability to use coupons

If you are using a voucher code for some online website but, your code is not being accepted, then there are various possibilities that are preventing your from using voucher code. Here are some of the possible reasons that could stop you from getting benefit of voucher code:

  • Using expired code: this is one of the most common reasons which prevent the users to get access to the discounts on online shopping.  Voucher codes come with some validity. Once the validity is expired, there is a need to search for a new code.
  • Minimum limit is not achieved: Many voucher codes are applicable on some minimum limit. This means that if you are making a payment for less than the limit specified in the voucher code, then you won’t be able to avail the benefit of discount. You have to maintain the minimum limit to use your voucher code. Check out  if there is some limit option on the voucher code that your want to use or not,
  • Not meeting the terms and conditions:  there is no doubt that most of the customers actually do not read the terms and conditions mentioned with the voucher codes. They generally use voucher codes after getting recommendations from their friends or anyone else. They are interested in the discounts offered rather than knowing its terms and conditions. So, it is very important to check out the terms and conditions of using voucher code for the particular website before using it.

There are many more reasons like one time use feature, voucher for specific customers, app purchase vouchers etc. which can be the reason for inability to use voucher codes.