One Piece Wonder- Bodysuit


When styling comes with a trick, it may like a tedious task for some as styling has always been a time-consuming process of what to wear to how to wear.

But this dilemma has been resolved with the advent of bodysuits online in this fashion era. And further, its extensive availability online in India has made it quite accessible from a Bollywood mega star to a working woman.

Fashion may fade with the passage of time, but class, style and elegance creates i
ts place forever. A bodysuit is a one-piece form-fitting garment that covers the torso and the crotch. The style of a basic bodysuit is similar to a one-piece swimsuit and a leotard. The material of the bodysuit may vary  unlike a swimsuit or leotard it may have snaps or hooks.

Bodysuits have come back after the 90s in a big way now and give you a sleek, smooth silhouette. The benefits have a long list and cater to a large mass of women.

So, here we go with the bucket list:-

  1. Sporty: – Styling a bodysuit with a pair of jeans or pants can never go wrong. Tucked-in bodysuit makes you go easily with a high-waistline as it slims down your silhouette making you look leaner.
  2. Modish:- A midi pencil skirt, a peasant or a mini skirt anything graced up with a casual looking bodysuit gives you a perfect attire for a perfect evening date.
  3. Timeless: – Adorn it under a net shirt or an open jacket and become the style icon for daily wear, whether for an office meeting or a casual meet. That perfect base would give you the perfect and comfortable look.
  4. Demure: – The blouse version of the bodysuit is one of the most demanding product which comes in a variety of neck styles and fabrics. Exhibit yourself in this with formal trousers and hot high heels for the sophistication.
  5. Flip Flop: – A weekend in a loose tee and bottoms is a no more a trend. Wearing a one-piece with a suspender would give you stylish comfort at home.

So, style in vogue with simplicity and elegance as per the occasion and environment. Buy bodysuit online India from various online portals like StalkBuyLove that give you an opportunity to be wear anything over or beneath it without facing problems of bulge or slouchiness.