How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer?


How long do hair extensions usually last? This is a common question if you are going to buy extensions for your hair. Applying hair extensions will give your hair thickness and volume.

Hair extensions is a good investment on your appearance. It costs a lot to apply them professionally, besides, hair extensions all need special care regimen. Before putting yourself into this investment, you need to know what you are buying. This means you must know how long do hair extensions last.

Factors That Affect The Life of Hair Extensions

Two main factors determine how long the hair extensions can be held on your own locks. One is the type of hair extensions you are buying. There are basically two types, virgin hair and synthetic fibers. Virgin hair is made with real human hair. They have never been processed by styling hair products. The cuticles on the hair are aligned facing the same direction, the life of virgin hair can be up to more than one year.

Synthetic fiber hair, is the hair made by human. It can only last less than three months. However, this does not mean they are not good for you, its price is more reasonable, some synthetic fiber hair also looks good and natural on your head.

The other factor that determines how long the hair extensions can last is how they will be applied to your hair. Glued-in hair extensions are cheap, but only last less than two weeks, besides, you have to be careful when using glue-in extensions because the glue will damage your tresses and scalp. Hair extensions using weave method can look good on your hair and can last six months at least.

Proper Hair Care is The Key For Your Extensions to Last Long

No matter what kind of hair extensions you are going to apply on your head, you need to take care of them properly. Like your natural hair, if you want to make your extensions to last to ther maximum life, and you do not want they damage your scalp and real locks, you absolutely have to take care of extensions.

First, follow the after-care guide that comes with your extensions. This after-care sheet will tell you how you should take care of your extensions in order to make them last longer.

Second, make an appointment with your hair stylist regularly, he or she will check the condition of your hair extensions, proper maintenance will also be done on the bond that connects extensions to your own hair. The hair stylist will also be able to find signs which extensions are doing harm to your natural hair and scalp, they will give you advice whether you should remove the extensions or not.

Third, once you see damage on your hair, you need to see your hair stylist to have hair extensions removed.

The life time of your hair extensions largely depends on how you take care of them. So make the most use of them under good hair maintenance.