A-line Wedding Dresses – Main Features


Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

A-line (Princess) wedding dress is both very laconic and solemn. It seems that everything is clear with this classic style: a wedding dress, tightly fitting figure in the bodice area, gradually widens to the bottom, resembling the first letter of the alphabet. Of course, different variations of the style are possible. Nevertheless, this models characterized by simplicity and tenderness, as opposed to, for example, to heavy exuberant wedding dresses with rigid underskirts. After all, every bride is beautiful in her own, especially on such a solemn day, and the A-line wedding dress does not exactly overload the figure and will not look too pompously and pretentiously.The unusualness of the cut of the a-silhouette dress allows you to achieve a harmonious silhouette, correction of the figure’s features and balance of proportions.

What Other Advantages does A-Silhouette Dress Have?

At first, the feminine style, invented by Christian Dior, was only whole-cut. Its bodice tightly fitted the breast line, emphasizing it, but then the dress widened gradually to the bottom. This expansion is due to the use of wedges, which form vertical seams when sewing. These seams visually lengthen the figure. If the wedding dress with A-silhouette has a cutting line of the waist (normal or overstated), then under the folds of the fabric you can hide some fullness or small tummy.
Usually, the skirt is made of thin flowing fabric, and the bodice is made of a dense fabric, which holds shape very well. This may be a classic corset. This bodice model can form and emphasize the beautiful shape of the breast and even visually reduce it.

A-silhouette dresses are usually cheaper than, for example, lush dresses or luxurious models with a long train. It is logical, because it is used less fabric for tailoring such dresses. Their charm is in laconism. These dresses are not distinguished by abundant decor.

Whom does it fit?

This dress fits almost all brides. If you choose a model with an overstated waist, you can visually correct the figure. If the skirt is made of dense fabric, then it will add a volume to the figure, which will be suitable for a skinny girl. Since the bodice is usually immovable and tightly fitting the figure, girls with small breasts and / or broad shoulders should pay attention to other dresses, for example, to playful short wedding dresses.