Inherited Jewellery and what you can do with it

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So, you have inherited some jewellery from a relative or a friend and while it’s a comforting thought that they considered you during their life time, you now have the dilemma of what you should do with it. Although this jewellery may be sentimental to you, if you are considering getting rid of it here are a few options to choose from.

Review the Jewellery you’ve been given

Before you do anything take a good look through the jewellery you’ve been given and determine which pieces you think you would rather keep than sell. If there are pieces of jewellery that you like, try them on so you’re sure that they won’t go to waste and that you’ll more than likely wear them. If a piece has sentimental value attached to it, it can be difficult to sell it, and you don’t have to but it may be worth having pieces valued in case you change your mind in the future.

If the entire collection consists of fine jewellery then arrange for a specialist to take a look. If the majority of the jewellery is costume jewellery then we suggest splitting the pieces into 4 different piles. The first pile is for jewellery that you want to store. The second pile is for jewellery that you want to keep and repurpose and the third pile is for the jewellery that you want to keep and wear. The final pile is for the jewellery you want to dispose of.

How do you arrange the Jewellery

You’re likely to keep a handful of jewellery simply because they hold a certain amount of sentimental value. Putting aside pieces that they may have worn all of the time or perhaps there’s a particular piece of jewellery that they absolutely loved or maybe something that you always liked, should be safely stored away, so not to get dirty and damaged.

For those items that you want to keep and repurpose then you have a number of options. Having a suitable box to store these in will come in handy to keep them safe. If you have any Brooches, these can be used as a stunning pin on bulletin boards. Removing clips from earrings can turn an unwanted piece of jewellery into a piece of decoration for example a magnet or border décor for photo frames. For vintage jewellery using these to create a vintage bridal bouquet would make a wonderful gift.

What to do with pieces you’re keeping

If you plan to keep some of the items to wear yourself then you will be pleased to know that mixing and matching is all the rage and that vintage and antique jewellery never go out of trend as there are always new ways of wearing them. Mixing vintage pieces with new pieces can really give your look an added twist and it can also help to make an outfit that was once looking a little drab a whole lot brighter! For example, try adding brooches to shirts and/or jackets or even bags and handbags, this will add tons of personality and if the brooches have a particular character or seasonal theme then there are tons of ways to add colour and life to your wardrobe.

What to do with the pieces you’re not keeping

In the pile of jewellery you want to get rid of you do have plenty of options so don’t think you have to throw it all away! You can give it to friends or family members as gifts. Host a party where each attendee can choose pieces they wish to take away with them. Why not do something good and donate it to charity. Even if they only receive a few pounds, you’ll be doing some good with it and someone else will surely fall in love with it.

Finally, you could always sell it. If you have inherited a lot of jewellery that you simply don’t want to keep selling jewellery online is the perfect way to earn a little money, although it can be a time consuming task it’ll be worth it. Make sure you take plenty of photos and have brilliant descriptions that will entice your buyer. If you’re familiar with selling online, there are many sites available such as eBay that make it easy for you to sell your items.

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