How To Retouch Your Photos For Social Media With Movavi


Many people can take photo, but it is not when it comes to edit photo. The truth is you need skill to flawlessly adds the aesthetic appeal of your photo. However, skill is not that important if you have blemish remover for photo like Movavi. You are not only can eliminate the photo imperfection like acne, wrinkles, flash of light, and some other imperfections that commonly appear, but as well you can do it hassle free. And yes, next time you upload your picture to your favorite social media, you will envy many of your friends. Upfront you need to download  Movavi photo editor, thus you can retouch or edit your photo for social media or any occasion that you want.


In addition, the software is available for Mac and Windows, they also equip you with easy to follow tutorial for both operating system to make editing even easier. After you download and install the software, you can launch the software anytime you think necessary to edit your photo. Add your photo to the working area before you start the editing. Find object removal menu that offers you with few selection tools like magic wand, lasso, and brush tools. Simply pick one that you are convenience with. For perfect result, before remove the blemish, you need to highlight the spot with red, then you can start erasing the spot. Suggestion for you, if you find many spots to clean, selection eraser tools come in handy.

Another way to retouch your photo aside from the above mentioned method, there is stamp tool that is very useful if your photo has complicated background. How to use this editing tool? Pick the stamp tool from its panel, while you holding Alt key, left click to the area you want to copy. Final step, brush the copy to the destined area where the blemish be. Assuming that you have nothing to edit as you already get perfect result for your photo, push export to save your photo before you upload it later on your social media account. Write down the name of the edited photo and pick the format for the photo.