How to buy the perfect perfume for your wedding day


A woman’s wedding day is one the biggest days of her life.  That being said everything has to be perfect. This includes the fragrance she will be wearing. Do not take this matter lightly. Many think that they will easily find a scent they will like but more often than not they end up being completely confused regarding which to get.


Shop in the afternoons

First factor which you need to remember when going out to buy the fragrance for your wedding is to visit the shops in the afternoon. The reason you should do that is because the sense of smell is at its peak during that time.  Find the niche fragrances which suits you. You know what is best for you so analyse which perfume would suite you.

Fragrances that suit your nose buds!!

If you are a fresh person who likes fruity and flowery smell then go for that. If you are a slightly warm person then opt for spicy or musky smells. Do not just follow the trend.

Pick the perfume in which you wish to carry yourself.

You will be able to visit ample number of shops so take your time in deciding which perfume you should go for. There is a possibility that the perfume of your favourite celeb may not work for you so do not be disheartened as there are a myriad of smells at your disposal.

Skip the blotting strips and try out the scent on your own skin.

Aim the atomiser to points on your wrists, neck etc. And do not out on a lot of scent while trying them out as that will make you lose track of which scent is which. Give the perfume time to dry. You will know when it is dry since it will give off a very rich scent. Allow that to happen as that is the true smell escentric molecules of the perfume. These are some of the factors you should consider f you wish to buy a unique perfume.