Handbags styles all women must have


Just like a house is incomplete without furniture, a woman’s outfit is incomplete without a handbag or clutch. Apart from being a pretty accessory, a handbag is also useful for storing all the essentials a woman might need while travelling. Things like a mobile phone, credit cards, cash and all small trinkets need a safe place to keep and there’s nothing better than a stylish bag or clutch.

Online shopping has made it easy to buy all of our favourite things right from the comfort of our home so you can shop for clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks or even leather handbags online.


Read below to find the top styles all women must own:

A printed bag: a printed bag is a great piece to have in your handbag collection as it can be mixed with prints if you are feeling adventures or can be the statement piece if your outfit is of a monochrome colour scheme.

A classic bag: This is a simple but stylish bag in black, grey, beige or white which would be perfect for the daytime. It can be a simple envelope flap with a button or a few embellishments in either gold or silver. This piece would be great for a day to night look as it is versatile with any outfit.

A day clutch: This is a bright piece with lots of room to store all your titbits during the day. Perfect with a white blouse and blue jeans or a denim dress. This will scream chic without being over the top.

The casual weekend bag: The weekend means time to unwind and get ready for the busy week ahead so why not relax with a bag that matches your mood and activity. A bucket bag is the perfect bag for all your weekend adventures. It’s roomy without being too large and stylish without being in your face.

Cross body: This is a must have piece in every woman’s closet. A cross body comes in all shapes, sizes and designs so you can have a few different ones. They are perfect to take along when you have a busy day and need your hands free. You can be assured all your belonging are safe in the roomy space while also being free to use your hands.

Quirky bags: Are you one of those bold adventurous dressers who likes to make a statement with your outfit. What a better way to add some drama than through your arm candy? Get a few pieces in bold hues, crazy prints and made of unusual fabrics for an eye catching look.

Colour burst: Every wardrobe needs colour and if you are one of those who prefer to keep your outfits simple, why not add some colour through your bags? A bright yellow or shocking pink would be great to have in your closet. Not only do they look great with the appropriate outfit but they look nice in your accessories personal collection.

The weekender: The weekender is the big sister of the weekend casual bag. This one is much roomier and can store a few big pieces like socks, tops and scarves and few essential toiletries in case you need to stay away from home for a few days.