Eight Mistakes When Choosing a Bridal Dress

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One of the most delightful and memorable moments of the wedding preparation process is choosing a bridal dress. Therefore it is very important to choose a dress properly, avoiding mistakes.

1. Don’t Focus on One Style
Many women begin to create in their dreams a wedding gown long before the ceremony. They make up the image of a particular style and design. As a result, when it comes to the dress selection moment brides cling to their fantasies, neglecting more favorable for their figure variants. Expand your mind! Try on dresses of different designs and colors.

2. Don’t Start Choosing a Wedding Dress Too Early

Your dress selection process will be easier if the ceremony program and style are thoroughly thought through. Don’t’ start choosing your dream dress earlier than 8 months before the planned wedding. Otherwise you can fail to follow the format. Moreover, you may begin to challenge your choice.

3. Don’t Delay Purchasing a Bridal Gown
Another extreme pertaining to time is putting dress purchase on the back burner. It is not sensible because a number of reasons. Firs, the preferred model may have to be hand-tailored which requires waiting for several months. Second, in a rush, you can make a poor choice.

4. Don’t Take a Large ‘Support Team’
Some brides go shopping with a crowd of relatives and acquaintances. Their controversial opinions can confuse you. A couple of views will do.

5. Consider your Budget in Advance
Your budget should include, at least, dress alteration at the tailor’s shop, veil, shoes, jewelry, underwear and other accessories.

6. Don’t Try on a Great Number of Dresses
If a bride doesn’t have the least idea of the kind of dress she wants to buy she starts trying on all designs without exception. As a result it becomes almost impossible to focus on one of them. Bridal salon experts say that 4-7 dresses will do and don’t recommend to try on more than 10 wedding gowns.

7. Don’t Try on Dresses You Can’t Afford
A bride shouldn’t approach those dresses which are far beyond her budget limits. In addition, she is advised to articulate the sum to shop-assistants. A common mistake is to try on an expensive dress out of curiosity which can lead to a catastrophic outcome, as the more affordable gowns will look withered against its background. A bridal dress should be magnificent while its price should be real: it is not worth sacrificing your honey moon for its sake.

8. Don’t Forget about Lighting
In dim light of the bridal salon and in the day light a wedding gown can look differently. Therefore, you need to see your dress in the natural light to estimate its features.