Don that diva look this Navaratri with the right Chaniya Choli


There is perhaps anything more elaborate, elegant and beautiful than an Indian traditional dress. Any woman in it can look gorgeous, no matter what her vital statistics are. And that is why, the popularity of Indian traditional outfits has effortlessly transcended national boundaries.

Not only Indians, even people in foreign countries have accepted Indian dresses with great enthusiasm. What makes them all the more popular is the uniqueness in their cuts and make.

Although, the most popular Indian traditional wear is undoubtedly a Saree, Chaniya Cholis have their own fan base.

There are tens of hundreds of designer Chaniya Choli varieties available on the market to leave you enchanted. But you should only go for one that suits you perfectly. Hit the market right now, and get the best Chaniya Choli for yourself. And, since Navaratri is round the corner, you definitely don’t have a reason to postpone your shopping.

The biggest difference that you will notice in different Chaniya Cholis is in terms of colours. There are so many colours in which this amazing outfit is available that you will find yourself completely indecisive regarding what to finally pick. One of the most popular colour combinations these days is red and white. You must be thinking, how can something like a set of Chaniya Choli look pretty in these two basic colours? Anyone who has watched the Bollywood flick Raam Leela doesn’t need to be told how breathtakingly beautiful this combination looks when teamed up with the right ornaments and hairdo.

You can also go for blacks. Although, black is not considered holy by most Hindus, it has a fashion factor to it, which makes it so appropriate a colour for Chaniya Cholis.

Yellows are also great as far as the wearer has a decently fair complexion. People with darker skin shades can opt for blues and greens.

Gone are the days when a set of Chaniya Choli had to be multi-coloured. Today, single coloured Chaniyas teamed with heavily embellished Cholis are what make the highest sale. Even plain Cholis and heavy Chaniyas impart an elegant look to the wearer.

The second thing that you should consider before buying your Chaniya Choli is its cut. Yes, there are layered Chaniyas these days, which look extremely desirable owing to their inherent heaviness. They are made of multiple layers of different coloured and patterned fabrics.

Since the highlight of this dress happens to be the Choli, you must pay extra attention to what you pick. Go for a cut that enhances the beauty of your upper body. If you love to flaunt your back, go for a backless Choli. However, if you think you won’t be able to do justice to one, you will probably love those high back varieties with a deep front neckline.

The shape of the neckline also decides how you finally appear. Although, round shapes are extremely popular, you can go for the v-shape too. It looks equally elegant and is quite a rage these days.

So, no matter what you puck, make sure it makes you dazzle this Navaratri.