Designer nipple pasties to hide your assets

Breasts are the most valuable assets with which the women are blessed. The time has gone when the women were shy of their two outgrown breast and used to hide it. Modern women are bolder and they have realized that it is their beauty and there should be no hesitation in showing off their beauty. If you want to wear strapless dresses or want to wear too low neckline dresses then you can choose the nipple pasties.  For the erotic entertainment events, women use these pasties which are the small patches which cover areola or nipples with adhesives. There are different types of pasties which are available in the market and the women can choose to wear the pasties as the undergarment.

It can be embarrassing for the women to wear the light fabric dresses in which their nipples are visible. Thus, they can use the breast pasties to cover up the nipples and make it a smooth curvy breast.


Wear the pasties for nipple for varied reasons

There are many women who face irritation when the dress they wear rubs against their nipple. It can be quite discomforting. Thus, they choose the pasties to avoid irritation on the nipple and prevent itching in the area. Pasties are also a good idea to wear at the time you wear braless dresses. Nipple pasty will cover your nipple and prevent its visibility your sheer outfit and during erection of the nipple.

Designs of the pasties

 Pasties for breasts are available in different colors, designs and fabric. Usually, the size of the pasties is not more than the size of the areola. Special kind of glue or adhesive is used to make it stick with the skin. Some of the pasties for the breast are single use while the other can be easily washed and reused.