Denim – How Designers Are Doing Fabulous Craft With This Age Old Fabric


Denim was always around us, but in the form of a regular fabric meant to withstand rough and tough demands of everyday work life. Designers also could not fathom the possibilities to great extent in this because of super specialized market and a swarm of already established players. But, with changing times and of course, with better risk appetite, designers have started crafting denim in more creative manner.

Designer fashion label like 3X1 has a versatile range of denim clothes that stand for class as well as craft. Denim jackets are now being replaced by washed denim tees that have put the ramps on fire. The eye-catching variations in neck designs are bowling the minds of fashion lovers over and they are sitting up and taking notice of how denim can be used to develop an ultra creative line.


Pleated denim is another fresh approach tried by the designers with the help of Japanese pleating technique. They are able to create sensuous skirts, midis and denim wrap-around with the help of this technique, making it easy for the designers to add new layers to their creativity.

Coming back to basics, boot cut jeans and stretchable denim jeans have not lost the battle yet. These are now getting ethereal makeover in the form of jump-suits and those who can dare to go for all-denim look find great option in the form of off-shoulder denim tops and ravishing skirts.

Another interesting variant making entry in denim designer fashion is front zip mini skirt. The classy use of fabric and oomphy front zip make this skirt a mesmerizing option to complement super sexy off-shoulder tank top.

All thanks to the creativity of designers that denim has got new life and has become way better in terms of delivering the x-factor that fashion lovers usually search around.