Creating New-Bohemian Style in Your Home


Terracotta floors below a deep indigo paper lantern that hangs from the open rafters. A metal Moroccan table encircled with salvaged Persian rugs turned ottomans. The New-Bohemian style is a carefully curated masterpiece, achievable even in the most modernized homes. Often misconstrued, some refer to this décor style as chaos, and without careful thought and planning, it can definitely fall into a muddled frenzy.


More commonly, homes are rejoicing in their treasures new and old by embracing the New-Bohemian decorating style. It combines the rich elegances ofMediterranean, Asian, African and European cultures,successfully forming one distinct, well curated style. With free-spirited romanticism, a home can reflect the arts, culture and history of an explorer. Anyone who has fallen prey to a life of wanderlust – a strong desire to travel- has no problem achieving this movement.Living rooms littered with layers of Turkish and Persian rugs, art work in modern frames leaning on rich wood furniture;a measured menagerie of colour, textures and history.

How does one achieve the New-Bohemian style? Emphasize your unique pieces with antiques and special mementos from your travels.  Another way to explore this style is by discovering the diverse arts and culture of a country such as Turkey. With its blended history, Turkishelegance and culture can be easily transformed into New-Bohemian. If you have yet to travel to Turkey, visit One Stop Turkish Shop and bring their culture-rich pieces to you. From beautiful Turkish towels to copper coffee sets, with a few clicks, you can enrich your home style and create aBoho oasis.

New-Bohemian décor can be very successful, especially when it is grown from one unique focal piece.Whether large or small, it should be something that captures the room’s theme by telling a story as old as time. Falling under Turkey’s gaze with the Nazar Boncugu is a perfect example.  Translated as the blue eye of Turkey, it is found absolutely everywhere in this culture-rich country.  More than just an amulet that absorbs and deflects evil and negativity, it is a beautiful piece of art that can envelop, and by practice, protect a room. If you are looking to buy unique Turkish gifts to achieve your New-Bohemian style, the blue eye of Turkeycan be quite the statement piece for any room.

New-Bohemian style is easily achieved by embracing your own personal history, your travels or even aspirations. There is nothing better then walking into a harmonious room of colour, design and culture. Why not become the curator of your home and tell your unique story, woven in amongst your curated masterpiece?