Choose the Right Length of Pearl Necklace to Suit Your Style and Attire

Pearl Jewelry

Necklaces patterned by pearls speak elegance, status and beauty of the wearer. It helps in portraying soft and feminine quality of you.

It is a round and small mass having white or bluish grey color formed by soft tissues or living oyster. These naturally formed gemstones are quite precious and highly valued in jewelry for centuries. As natural pearls are becoming quite rare, cultured or farmed pearls have become the best option to customize costume jewelry.

Pearl strand is mostly preferred jewelry at present. They are marketed in variable lengths, 16” and 18” are the most popular strands till date. The length of pearl strands helps in beautifying your neck and face.

The varied lengths of pearl strands available in the market:

  • Pearl collar

Mostly wearer likes to have four or five strands in length of 12 to 13 inches, which are patterned together to create appearance of collar. It is mostly worn with off shoulder or boat neckline dresses.

  • Pearl choker

This 14” to 16” pearls pronounces simplicity. It goes well with all kind of garments, even traditional ones. Working women like to wear it, as it looks subtle and at the same time highlights the shape of their neck. It is not tightly patterned as pearl collar type.

Pearl Jewelry

  • Princess pearl lines

It is usually of 17” to 19” worn with low neck line dresses. Necklines having collar go well with this type of pearl accessories. It is most suitable to be worn with shirts, knit sweaters and trousers.

  • Opera necklaces

It is mainly of 26” to 36” which can be worn singly or doubled to look lovely while wearing cut edge dresses. It is the most suitable jewel form to be worn with casual attire. It is mostly preferred by wearer for formal functions and worn with office attire.

  • Pearl rope

As the name suggest it is the longest strand of 37” or more. Mostly it can be patterned even to became bracelets or make a knot to give added effect. It is mostly worn with backless dress or with daily wear. It can even be arranged as pearl choker by twisting it to three strands.

Every necklace designed having pearls makes the wearer look beautiful. Long pearl strands designed with stylish clasps can be made shorter by doubling it. This elegant gemstone of jewelry box is affordable and need less maintenance. To know more about pearl necklaces, you can read blogs of well written sites like