Children’s Fashion Trends For 2017


Whilst traditionally children have simply worn what they were told to, many youngsters are now developing their own clear sense of style and are not afraid to share their preferences!

From a very early age children begin to express themselves with their clothing, so it is good to be aware of the latest trends that your children might be desperate for you to be buying into.

If you wake up one morning unsure which outfit would suit your little one best, why not simply match them to your own? So-called ‘mini-me’ dressing is a very cute way for a child to be just like mummy or daddy, and many retailers are now offering outfits in children’s and adult’s sizes.

It may seem nothing new, but you cannot go wrong with girls dresses with bright floral prints. Whilst it may seem more like a traditional staple than a trend, it is a look that so many little girls love, especially in the summer months.


As a child, your biggest preoccupation is playing. With most filling their days with running, jumping and scrabbling around on the floor, children need clothes that are practical. An urban unisex look brings a sense of style, whilst offering comfortable and breathable clothing that won’t restrict a child’s busy day. Mix and match trousers or shorts with shirts to help little ones stay cool whilst racing around the park.

Following on from this look is the street fashion trend that mixes loose fitting jackets and trousers with high-necked shirts, reversed caps, scarves and trainers. The more fashion conscious child might even want to throw in some bracelets and chains to complete a very modern look.

Even in the height of summer, many children are now opting for a jacket as a fashion accessory. Light denim and tweed options are very popular and allow for something a little cooler, whilst providing some coverage without the arguments on slightly chillier days.


Every child likes a good print and this is something that is available on just about every item of clothing. Whether it is superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters, sporting heroes or a sassy quote, your kids will want to adorn themselves in their favourite prints.

What is better to inspire your fashion than the world around you? Nature has a big influence on trends at the moment and this is something that children are aware of and embrace. The colours of the natural world and the scenery of the most beautiful places will give your child a very natural shine.

The Earth is not only a theme in how the clothes look but also in how they are made. Organic cotton is a huge trend in the whole of the fashion world, and the use of vegetable dyes keeps items free of anything synthetic. This will not only make for a unique trend but also provides an eco-friendly option that is perfect for sensitive skin.

One side of nature that every child loves is the wildlife, and this is a big theme in 2017 clothing. Whether it is wolves, bears and foxes from their favourite fairy tale or something more exotic, every child will be keen to sport some sort of wildlife motif.

Most adults steer away from the no frills clothing options, and increasingly kids want to see more features on their clothing too. Whether it is chinos and cargo pants for the pockets, reversible jackets or oversized collars, children’s clothing is gradually having more and more features added to it. You can jazz up something simple with sunglasses and a bead necklace, or even adding patches and a tie.

The shape of a garment is important, with on-trend jumpsuits giving little girls a sense of style whilst also being a comfortable item for a full day of play.

Trends are always fun to follow, but encouraging your child to express themselves in a way that they are comfortable is the most important thing. Have fun creating your own unique look together and set your own trends!

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