How to Buy the Perfect Fashion Ring for your Finger Type?


Women are notorious for breaking the bank when it comes to buying rings, but these days, a number of women are heading for the more prudent route and purchasing fashion rings. These cost effective rings are extremely eye catching and provides an incredible style upgrade.

A fashion ring accentuates the fingers just right and can change the whole look of the wearer. These rings are available in a huge array of designs, but not everyone can rock the same design as the next person. To each their own.

This is exactly why we have articulated a list of rings you should consider for your finger type, in order to end up buying the perfect ring. Let’s take a look.

Long Fingers

Women with long fingers are lucky in this department as almost any fashion ring can perfectly compliment the aesthetic facet of their fingers. However, there is a certain type of ring that goes really well with long fingers, some of the ring types we would recommend are mentioned below,

  • Clover Rings: These rings are the talk of the town and have become the foremost choice for women and teenage girls alike. They fit perfectly around the finger and are available in a variety of colors and sizes; we would recommend choosing a rose cold color with detailed facet.
  • Wrap Rings: Mostly made from silver tone or other metals and can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are having a barbeque with the family or dinner at the white house, ladies with long fingers can easily pull these rings off.
  • Moon Rings: Moon rings were once considered a thing of the past but now they are back with a bang as they are currently dominating the ring industry. Moon rings have a subtle facet about them but if adorned with sparkly fake diamonds the ring will compliment long fingers like never before.

Short Fingers

Ladies blessed with short fingers can easily purchase a ring that compliments their fingers and their general aura. There are a few ring types that fit perfectly with short fingers, these types are mentioned below

  • Rectangular Diamond rings: Diamonds are perfect for short fingers as they bring out the real beauty of short fingers. We would recommend picking a fake diamond ring that best suits your taste, preferably with a small center stone.
  • Link rings: Another ring type that is perfect for short lady fingers are link rings; these are probably the most versatile rings out there and can go perfectly with almost any dress. Link rings are available in a whole array of designs, we would recommend something studded with sparkling diamonds.
  • Cubic Diamond rings: As the name implies cubic diamond rings have a cubic shape and are so eye catching that it is hard to resist such rings. However they are perfect for short rings as they provide the fingers with a whole new facet.

So no matter what finger type you have, when you buy rings on, we make sure that the perfect fashion ring is waiting for you at exciting prices! Well then, that covers fashion for your fingers for the day. What about your baby though? Have you dressed him/her up like they deserve to be dressed? Check out the Baby Clothes sale on to find the perfect apparel for your baby.

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