Best Gifts for Newlyweds in 2016


When it comes to wedding, there is always that moment of uncertainty when you have to buy a gift, but just don’t know which one. Do you want it to be personal, functional, original or something else? For those that need help or inspiration, here are the best gifts for newlyweds in 2016.

Picnic blanket

A waterproof-backed picnic blanket that can be used for the beach, the park or in the backyard, this is something that both will use fondly. The bigger the blanket is the better.

Sleeping bag for two

If the newlyweds are outdoor enthusiasts, then double sleeping bag is just what they need. Perfect for snuggling, look for ones that have additional pockets for pillows and other stuff.

Espresso machine

For lovers of caffeine rush in the morning, there’s nothing better than a espresso machine that makes a perfect, flavorful brew. Go for whole-bean machine.3

Vacuum cleaning robot

The vacuum cleaning robot does all the hard work, cleaning up the house with ease while the newlyweds can attend to more pressing issues. Look for a model with an option for scheduled timer.

Cutting boards

One of the essential tools in any kitchen, many of today’s cutting boards have multiple purpose beyond being a simple kitchen tool, like serving piece or wall art. Opt for a solid-wood board with quality finish.

Bakeware set

A bakeware set that comes with all the essentials is always a good gift. Look for sets that have more add-ons like round and square cake pans, cupcake pans and others.

Smart devices

For the tech-savvy couple, it doesn’t get any better than getting a smart devices. With so many to choose from, gifting a central piece like Amazon Echo that does a little bit of everything and is highly compatible with other smart devices is a sure winner. Another good option is a smart light device that remotely controls the lighting, perfect for those romantic house nights.

Personalized wine glasses

For the wine connoisseurs, personalized wine glasses are a practical and personal gift. Opt for a colorful print that will easily stand out, irrelevant on the color of the wine.


One of the more unusual gifts, subscriptions can be a quite appropriate and meaningful if you your newlyweds. For instance, coffee subscription to a coffee shop means they will get freshly roasted beans in filter or espresso roasts monthly. Museum subscription for art lovers or a TV/internet streaming subscription for couch potatoes can be a hit.

Gift card

If none of the ideas appeal to you, there’s always the option of a specialized gift card. Whether is gift card for quality Japanese tunics for her or a deluxe shaving kit for him, there’s always something that will be of use. Nowadays, many services are also available through gift cards so you can gift them a session with the interior decorator, a flying lesson, a camping experience or anything else that might be of interest to the newlyweds.