Best Fabrics for a Wedding Dress

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Your wedding dress should be beautiful but tough; even indestructible. There are certain fabrics that are best suited for wedding dresses because they are high quality and durable.

One of the best fabrics for a wedding dress includes Duchess satin. This plain fabric is heavy yet and holds its shape when you wear it. This type of fabric is generally preferred by brides who are having a very formal wedding. Due to the significant weight of the fabric it is not recommended if you are getting married in a warm environment.

A lighter weight alternative is taffeta. This fabric has a soft glow to it and looks like satin but is much thinner. Its smooth crisp color and texture make it the ideal wedding dress fabric, especially if you want your dress to move when you do. This type of fabric is often used for ball gowns and any dress with a full skirt.

wedding-dress-fabric-guide-with-pictures (1)

Organza is a wedding dress fabric that is more versatile than many others. It is a stiff version of chiffon. Organza pairs well with other types of fabrics and is often used to make wedding veils. In addition, full skirts, trains and any other embellishment on a wedding dress are usually made of this fabric. It is used in more formal wedding dresses.

Another type of fabric ideal for a wedding dress is charmeuse. This sheer fabric is lightweight yet glamorous at the same time, making it a great choice for a summertime wedding dress. It is a shiny fabric that lends itself well to your special day and helps ensure that all eyes will be on you. Its hint of satin makes it elegant yet still comfortable and easy to move in.

Georgette fabric is also a sheer fabric that makes any wedding dress visually stunning. The weight of the fabric means that you will feel like you are floating on air when you wear it. Train embellishments and dress overlays often make use of this type of fabric. This gives your wedding dress a soft silhouette feel that many brides love.

Tulle is yet another fabric often used in wedding dresses. This versatile fabric can be combined with others. Wedding veils and full skirts on bridal dresses often contain this fabric. Plus, you can have it treated with flame-retardant spray if you plan to have sparklers for weddings during your grand exit. That way, you won’t accidentally catch on fire!

For a vintage style wedding dress you can’t go wrong with lace. It brings a level of elegance to your dress that no other fabric can. Lace is often used to make a plain looking wedding dress fancier, but there are many uses for it.

These are the ideal fabrics for any wedding dress. Only you can decide which fabrics will help you look good and feel good on your big day. A wedding dress made of just the right fabric can mean the difference between a dress you are comfortable in and one that constricts your movements on a day when you do nothing but move. Your wedding dress should help you feel much more confident.