6 Stunning Pearl Earrings You Will Adore


Without a doubt, women are head over heels in love with jewelry. It is easy to understand why; a piece of jewelry perfectly placed and matched can make the whole difference for an outfit and your presence at a significant event. A sophisticated lady will always understand the importance of a precious jewel and will appreciate its value. While you can pile on diamonds as much as you desire, you have to admit that nothing compares to the simplicity, beauty and refinement of beautiful pearls.

When it comes to earrings, pearls are possibly the most prestigious type of jewelry you could go for. By elegantly pulling your hair back into a bun and wearing a pair of authentic and shimmering pearl earrings, you will never go unnoticed. Even more so, you will be greatly appreciated for your tastes and your face will be framed magnificently, enhancing your features. Discover how much of a difference they can make for your appearance and see which one of these 6 stunning pearl earrings you adore the most.

1. Fish Hook Pearl Earrings

If you want a simple pair of earrings that will make a huge impact, consider the black freshwater fish hook pearl earrings from the Pearls Only Black Label Collection. Defined by “Ultimate Luxury and Pure Indulgence”, these exquisite black freshwater pearls are mounted on sterling silver posts to outline their beauty by contrast.


2. Pearl Studs

For the aesthetically conscious woman who always wants to look her best no matter the occasion, a pair of pink freshwater pearl studs is perfect for adorning on a day to day basis. Detailed with 14 karat gold, this type of pearl studs are an ideal reflection of ladylike values.

3. Lever Back Pearl Earrings

If you want a comfortable and tasteful approach to pearl earrings, it means that lever back pieces are for you. This classic form of pearl earrings is easy to wear and can be matched with a wide array of outfits. We recommend that you choose black freshwater pearls mounted in sterling silver (925) for a contrasting impact.

4. Drop Pearl Earrings

If finesse is your middle name as the quality that describes you best, pearl drop earrings are a must for you. Excellent for any red carpet event, a pair of sheer white freshwater pearl earrings will have a dramatic and lasting effect all at the same time.

5. Chandelier Pearl Earrings

The more pearls, the better! For mixing playful with tasteful, opt for a pair of white chandelier pearl earrings with multiple pearls on each piece. With such an eye-catching pair of earrings, you won’t need any other pieces of jewelry with your outfit.

6. Diamond and Gold Pearl Earrings

For the ultimate expression of luxury, mix diamonds, pearls and gold. A part of the Pearls Only Ultimate Collection, the finest line of top quality South Sea cultured pearls in the world, a pair of gold pearl earrings detailed with diamonds is all that you need to dazzle.