4 basic pieces to invest this season


As a man, you must know very well what clothes to invest your money and what others can save. The wardrobe of a true gentleman has to be a work of art, where it reflects the real status of this. A suitable wardrobe is a great challenge, which is not always easy to understand.

How many times have we not seen a pair of incredible shoes that we know would go perfectly with most of our clothes, but we did not buy them because we thought it was not worth spending so much money on some designer shoes?

Actually what we do not think is that in the long run, buying pairs of shoes that are probably cheaper but of lower quality, we will spend a lot more money than we could imagine and in the end we are going to be left with 15 pairs of broken shoes, Scraped and worn that are going to go to the trash.

We know that it is difficult to have the economic stability to spend so much money on a shirt or jacket, however, there are important details in which we almost never think about the fact that seeing a label with a figure of more than three digits can be very intimidating. But believe us, we should stop being so afraid of labels and learn that it is almost always better to buy quality than quantity.

That is why we advise you to invest your money in pieces that will accompany you throughout life and at all times. Go shopping  the little basic good quality that you know will not only be a passing trend and will not break or discolour whenever the washed is for all fashion lover the first step to have a wardrobe worthy of being photographed.

Here we mention in which clothes you must invest your money:

  1. Shoes


Nothing raises the image of any man better than a good pair of shoes. Not for nothing is the number one element of the male image. 883 Police have high-quality shoes that will last for many years and you can combine them with jeans for a casual look. You can get them at £ 50.00.

  1. Jacket



In cold weather, it is one of the clothes that will make you look good. Remember that a jacket completely covers your outfit that is why you must invest in one. 883 Police have perfect winter clothes to stay warm and still have the rock style that you like. That beautiful jacket you can get at 883 Police for £ 250.00

  1. The basic white shirt is indispensable!


My favourites are from 883 Police because in addition to the cotton is super soft, usually have some interesting detail that transforms them from a simple basic to your favourite garment. Their T-Shirt are 100% cotton and you can get for £ 12

  1. Belt



In man the rule is unique: the belt must match the colour of the shoes; therefore, you must have at least two belts: one black and one brown. 883 Police have them in both colours; they are leather and super tough. Its price is £25.00