10 Fashion Basics You Always Ought to Keep in Mind


Fashion doesn’t have to be difficult. You can look good with some basic knowledge.

Consider the following ten fashion basics for some help:

Find Your Look

As you begin your adventure the most important thing is that you stay true to yourself. You have a style; you may just not know it yet. Maybe you’re a jeans and T shirt kind of guy or maybe you’re sundress and heels kind of girl.

Your style is what looks best on you. It suits and fits your personality best. When you find your look, stick to it. Do what works.Image result for 10 Fashion Basics You Always Ought to Keep in Mind

Find your Size

So you know your look now, what you need to find next is your size. It’s more than just small, medium, and large. Know your body. Maybe you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Maybe you think it’s best to emphasize your arms and hide your tummy.

Every store and every brand has slightly different measurements. So when you are searching for clothing, get to know the pieces of clothing. Make sure they fit all your size requirements because good fitting clothing is more important that stylish clothing.

A Little Matching Looks Nice

Let colors flow with each other. Match your belt to your shoes and your use your watch as well. A little matching here and there adds elegance and smooths out the whole outfit. Matching is what turns your pants and shirt into an outfit.

Don’t Clash

Before you start throwing colors together make sure they don’t clash. Some more advanced dressers may like to use color clashing as a statement, but that’s none of our concern with fashion basics.

For starters, don’t mix navy blue, brown, and black. There are plenty of other clashing colors, but it’s best to train your eye to see them instead of memorizing a list.

Don’t Go Overboard

No, that glitter jacket with frilly sleeves is not what you need. Do Not Go Overboard.

Keep it simple. Stick to your size and style. Match a little and don’t do anything too fancy. Please don’t wear a fedora. Too many people try to be too extra. The truth is that fashion is simple. It’s basic. Sure, there’s higher fashion with extreme statements, but we’re not talking about that.

You’re not on the runway, you’re probably just going to the mall. So don’t be extra, just dress clean.Related image

Clean Clothes Go a Long Way

The most important thing we could tell you is to keep clean clothes. A dirty Gucci shirt looks worse than a clean pressed old navy shirt. Keep your clothes clean, especially your whites, and make sure they are folded and hanged.

Don’t let wrinkles destroy your look. Don’t let ketchup stains ruin your style. Keep your clothes clean and straight.  

Rely On Denim

You don’t need to clean and wash denim as much. You don’t need to take great care of it. Denim is easy to deal with and looks great. A pair of jeans can last you a very long time and a denim jacket is a great addition to many outfits. A little bit of denim in your wardrobe is a great way to show people how versatile you can be.

Invest in Staples

Staples are parts of more than just one outfit. A good set of pants, a jacket, a blazer, or strong pair of boots. These are where it’s smart to invest some good money. These are not only generally worn at your fancier events, but worn on several occasions.

If winter is coming along, get a good jacket. In cold times, all people will see is your pants and jacket anyways, so you can save on clothing that would be hiding under your jacket otherwise.  


If you feel like you need more, don’t go overboard. Instead accessorize smartly. Maybe you want to add some class so you put on a good watch. A watch can go a long way. It is the best accessory to add volume and style.

Your belt, your bracelets, your jewelry, your ties, and even your socks can make a statement. You have several options to look better. Use these smaller details to embellish the grand piece.

Be Yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Find your style, your size, your colors, and don’t try anything crazy. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are that you look uncomfortable. If your clothes feel tight or loose, they probably look tight or loose.

Find wht’s comfortable for you. Find what really is you.

Sometimes you’ll see someone who’s outfit just suits you. It’s pleasing. It’s as if their personality is another piece of the outfit. That’s what you want. You want your clothing to be a reflection of whatever makes you so special. So, keep these 10 fashion basics in mind and just keep calm and rock and roll.